Eye Care Specialities

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CATARCT SURGERY SERVICES: Netrayatan is one of the very few centers in North India which offers its patients the world’s latest innovation in Cataract Surgery- COAXIAL MICROINCISION CATARACT SURGERY (C-MICS ) for the treatment of various kinds of Cataracts.

This technique involves a very small incision size (1.6mm-1.8mm) as compared to 2.8-3.4mm in conventional phacoemulsification techniques. This innovative surgery is performed along with the implantation of THIRD GENERATION ULTRA THIN FOLDABLE INTRAOCULAR LENSES which can be folded and implanted through this very small incision. The C-MICS technique offers significant advantages over the conventional phacoemulsification techniques.2

  • The use of an extremely small incision size (1.6mm-1.8mm) ensures much faster healing, faster visual recovery and no post operative discomfort.
  • Precautions which are to be observed after surgery are minimal and are for a much shorter duration as compared to conventional phacoemulsification technique.
  • Smaller incision induces a very less change in the original shape of the eye. There is virtually no Surgically Induced Astigmatism (Post operative refractive error) and hence minimal requirement of spectacles after surgery. This technique is nowadays used for REFRACTIVE CATARACT SURGERY where along with the Cataract any pre existing refractive error of the patient like myopia, hypermetropia and astigmatism is also corrected. This is possible by implanting refractive IOLs like TORIC MICRO INCISION LENSES. Netrayatan is equipped with the latest Vision Enhancement System for this purpose.
  • Faster healing of the micro incision means a safer Cataract Surgery for Diabetic patients who have a delayed wound healing tendency.
  • The patients can get back to their normal lifestyle like watching TV, Computer use and driving nearly immediately.
  • The Coaxial MICS Surgery is safe in summers and rainy season thus breaking the age old myth about Cataract Surgery being unsafe in summers orrains.2

Netayatan Hospital also offers its patients the choice of ACCOMODATIVE AND MULTIFOCAL LENSES which corrects both distance and near vision at the same time. The lens is conducive to Coaxial MICS Surgery and is implanted after taking into consideration the refractive needs of the patient for near vision.

In fact Coaxial MICS Surgery is the most modern and patient friendly technique of Cataract Surgery today and is soon going to make the conventional phacoemulsification technique of 3.0mm obsolete.

Cataract Surgery at Netrayatan is performed with top of the line Phacoemulsification system to handle even the most difficult of cataracts. We are equipped with the latest LAUREATE WORLD PHACO SYSTEM from ALCON USA for
• Safe and fast cataract surgeries
• Technically best results
• Painless surgery and a comfortable post op period

    dr_groverNo injection, stitch or patch is required. The patient can be discharged within 15 minutes after surgery. At Netrayatan, Cataract Surgery is indeed a walk in and walk out surgery.
  • GLAUCOMA SERVICES : We are equipped With computerized visual field analyzer for visual field assessment for early diagnosis of Glaucoma. It is the latest Autoperimeter for complete field analysis and OCT for vision field assessment and Retinal Nerve Fiber Layer Thickness Analysis.

The machines can also detect disorders effecting the optic nerve and retina of the eye.

  • CORNEA SERVICES : Corneal Diseases are taken care of by various kinds of treatments including Corneal Transplants, Limbal grafts and Amniotic Membrane Transplants. Collagen Cross Linking (C3R) the latest in treatment for Keratoconus is being performed regularly by our Comea experts
  • RETINA SERVICES : Retina Clinic is equipped with Instrumentation for treatment of various diseases of the Retina and Vitreous. In the Retina Clinic all patients with high blood pressure, diabetes, high myopia and those with family history of retinal problems are regularly screened by a thorough retinal examination. We have facilities for Digital Fundus Fluorescein Angiography. The most common indications for this are Diabetic Retinopathy, Age Related Macular Degeneration and vascular blocks of the retina. The patients requiring retinal laser treatment are taken care of on one of its kind – Double Frequency Diode Pumped Argon Green Laser by Quantel from France.autoregulating
  • SQUINT SERVICES : We are equippeddr_grover with Synaptophores with Haidinger Brushes for eye exercises and also for the diagnosis and management of Squints and Lazy Eyes (Amblyopia). The Squint and Ocular Motility Clinic is conducted twice a week and caters to children with various types of ocular motililty disorders and squints.
  • OPERATION THEATRE (O.T.) : Our Operation Theatre is fitted with Japanese Coaxial Operating Microscopes for all ophthalmic microsurgeries. The O.T. caters to all major ophthalmic surgical procedures including Vitreo-Retinal surgeries under local as well as general anaesthesia. Competent Intensivists and Anaesthetists are available who monitor the patients during surgeries.
  • IN-PATIENT FACILITIES : Although the patients are usually discharged within an hour of most eye microsurgeries, Netrayatan houses air conditioned rooms complete with all modern amenities for out-station patients, patients with various medical problems requiring physician's care postoperatively or those who wish to extend their stay for better post operative care.autoregulating
  • LASIK LASER SURGERY : Lasik Laser Surgery including the Latest Customized Laser and Zyoptix is available for permanent removal glasses, at affiliated centres.
  • CONTACT LENSES : Netrayatan is an authorized contact lens centre of Johnson and Johnson, Bausch, and Lomb and Cibavision. Soft, soft toric, extended wear and disposable lenses are available under one roof.
  • ARTIFICIAL EYES : Netrayatan Hospital is a major centre in North India for making and dispensing artificial eyes.These are fitted in patients with shrunken, damaged or discoloured eyes. The artificial eyes are laboriously hand crafted and resemble natural eyes cosmetically.