IVF Care Services



  • COMPREHENSIVE INFERTILITY WORK STATION and State of the art facilities for Intra Uterine Insemination (IUI) and In Vitro Fertilisation (IVF). are available. This includes Husband's sperm Insemination (AIH) and Donor's Sperm Insemination (AID). The Centre is equipped with state of the art equipment and an experienced team compared to the best in the world all under one roof. Patients do not need to go to various places for different tests. The treatment is based on the latest medical procedures keeping in view the advances in the field and the needs of individual couples. The infertility lab maintains the most sterile environment and follows a stringent air maintenance protocol. The aim at Netrayatan is to properly counsel the couples and address all issues related to Infertility. We follow the ethics of concern privacy and social commitment towards patients during infertility management.
    The department of IVF of Netrayatan Hospital is has introduced ICSI (INTRA -CYTOPLASMIC SPERM INJECTION) as the latest tool in in the Assisted Reproductive Techniques Facility.ICSI is the most advanced procedure to help childless couples conceive and is done in people who are either not fit for IVF ( extremely low sperm count) or who have experienced IVF failures.

  • ANTE– NATAL CHECK-UPS AND DELIVERIES: The Antenatal clinic is run by experienced doctorsivf3 and staff and protocols in monitoring and screening of "would be" mothers are strictly adhered to. Whenever required fetal well being is assessed by ultrasound monitoring.
  • EXPERT NEONATAL CARE SERVICES are provided by our senior Paediatricians and Neonatologists, who have also received extensive training in handling new born emergencies.
  • FAMILY WELFARE SERVICES: Counselling in family planning and information about various temporary and permanent methods of contraception is regularly imparted.
  • CANCER SCREENING SERVICES: Facility for regularly screening of cancers of breast, cervix and uterus are available. Regular reminders are sent to registered patients for their periodic check ups and monitoring.
  • MENOPAUSE CLINIC: This is held twice a week and various physical and psychological problems faced by women in the menopausal age group are addressed to. This clinic is very popular among the senior citizens and is one of the very well attended clinics at Netrayatan.ivf2ivf3
  • EXECUTIVE GYNAE CHECK-UPS: Patients are referred to our centre for Gynae Check ups as a part of executive & holistic health check ups.

  • MTPs: Netrayatan is a government approved centre for MTPs and the norm here is a safe and painless MTP.
  • INDOOR PATIENTS: All In-Patients are ensured a comfortable stay and quality room service in a friendly environment.