Medical Tourism

Medical Tourism is one of the fastest growing Health Care Industry in the world. People travel overseas in search of the best & affordable medical care. New Delhi has emerged as a very important hub for Medical Tourism in India.

NETRAYATAN is a renowned Institution in New Delhi playing a vital role in promoting Medical Tourism in India. Medical Tourism Services offered at Netrayatan include an exotic tropical vacation coupled with high quality health care services comparable to the best in the world--- that too at a fraction of the cost. We mantain the best standards in Eye Care Services and Infertility Treatment Services and hence receive a large number of patients from developed nations like the U.S.A. & U.K. and developing countries like Bangladesh and Afghanistan.

At Netrayatan ,the medical tourists are appropriately guided and various treatment and travel options are offered to suit individual budgets. The staff here is specially trained for the purpose and is fluent in English to avoid any communication delays.



The goal at Netrayatan is to offer a memorable holiday coupled with cost effective treatment to foreign patients. We sincerely attempt to place our country firmly on the map of global medical tourism industry.